Immersive learning with the best online Spanish tutors

Immersive learning with the best online Spanish tutors

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  • 🔝TOP Spanish teacher on AT
    🔥Group Lessons 50%OFF: DELE A1/Conversation/Children ($11 person!)🇪🇸NATIVE SPANISH🌟I speak English & Chinese🇪🇸🇹🇼4+ Years Experience in Asia🇭🇰⭐Examiner DELE/IGCSE/AB INITIO/SIELE⭐A1-C2⭐Natural Conversation🌟Spanish for Kids & Adults⭐Pronunciation⭐Interviews🏅Certified by Cervantes🌟Book a trial today!🚀
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  • 7000 hrs of experience💕
    💕Wen, the only teacher on the platform with seven thousands of classes💕 ☘ Over 50 people started from scratch, and they can now write articles and talk fluently with foreigners! 🍀Super efficient but stress-free learning method allows you to progress in every class
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  • DELE exam conversation
    I am Cristina Tseng Spanish teacher, I come from Argentina, I have the c1 level of the Spanish exam. I currently teach at Fu Jen university and China cultural university. My students range from two-year-olds to adults. Welcome to my class and make it easy for you to learn Spanish. If you are interested in Spanish, I invite you to my Spanish class.
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  • Personalized lessons
    ✏️+5 years experience 📖 Native teacher 🥇All levels 🌻Exam expert 🎯 Certified teacher ⭐️ Personalized lessons 🍀 Gain confidence 🏆Improve your pronunciation ✏️Built up your vocabulary 🎯Lived in the UK for 5 years 🏆Experience with students from all over the world
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  • +7 years exp. Native Spanish
    🔥Beginners / Conversational / DELE🔥🥘Native Spanish 🏅East Asian Studies Bachelor(Chinese mention)🌠+7 years real teaching exp🌠Customized materials💫This is your opportunity to learn Spanish!
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    👉 Commitment to student success. 👉 Real life communication. 👉 Expert in teaching. 👉 Easy understanding of grammar and vocabulary. 🔥 Personalized and fun. 💗Emotion leads Motivation🌟 AND 🌟Motivation leads Learning💡
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  • 限時招生🔥成人🌈兒童🌈
    ✏️ 9年教學經驗 🏫 塞萬堤斯學院官方認證考官 🥇 西班牙文文學碩士學位 🏆 DELE考試備考專家 👩‍🦰 少兒西文專家 👩‍🦰 成人西語零基礎 & 進階A-C全級別教學 👩‍🏫 大學西班牙文講師 👩‍🏫 多家知名語言學校及培訓中心講師 🏢 為世界五百強企業提供西中翻譯服務 🏟️ 大型活動及世界級體育賽事翻譯官 🔥新師限時優惠中!
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  • Daily Spanish | DELE
    🥇Professional teacher 🥇 👩🏻‍💻 Master in Spanish teaching 🎓 Fluent conversation ✔ Vocabulary ✔ Pronunciation ✔ ✌️ Easy to listen to Simple grammar 👊 DELE exam 👍 Spanish for travel 🤙 Spanish for daily life 🔰 | Write me for more information 📧
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  • Results in 10 Lessons 🚀🔥
    🏅Best (DELE) Teacher 👩 🏫 Master Basic Level in 30 hrs⚡Certified Experienced Teacher🌱 +5yrs teaching ✨ Various Materials 📚 Native Speaker 🗣Fun & Easy Learning 🌍Born and Raised in Spain 🔥Patient & Bright teacher 🏆
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  • español nivel A1-B2
    ________ 💛 Hola, soy Luisa💛 _________ 💡Estudio muchos años el idioma español y me encanta. 💡Tengo mucha experiencia de enseñanza, puedo enseñar en chino. 💡Muchos de mis estudiantes estudian en las universidades buenas en China. 💡Te ayudo para las bases de forma sistemática, y los exámenes ya no son difíciles
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  • ✅✅ Encouraging & Fun ✅✅
    Hi I'm Dani I'm a certified teacher from Mexico, would you like to learn Spanish? 🔵Dynamic and Interactive lessons 🔵Native Certified Teacher 🔵Experience with kids and adults, groups and one-on-one 🔵Customized Lessons CONVERSATION and GRAMMAR 🔵Experience with Universities and Companies
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  • More than 10 years teaching
    🥇 SELECTED AS TOP INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE PROFESSOR 🏆 💃 Spanish Native Speaker - Latina 🌎 Cultural Anthropologist, graduated in USA 🎙️ International Radio Journalist and Conductor 📚 Book Editor and Translator 🗣️ Oral Interpreter in Seminars
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  • 🥘 A1 class (kids)
    Hello, come see my profile~ Sharing cultural taboos in class, greeting etiquette—— ⚽ Living in Spain for 3+ years, mastering Spanish etiquette and culture In-service teachers in international schools—— ⚽ Patient with students first and communicate like friends before and after class
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  • Profe con experiencia.
    ¿Es difícil para ti aprender este idioma? Pues aquí tienes una profesora taiwanesa con paciencia que está viviendo en España. He aprendido varios idiomas y también he estudiado la enseñanza de idiomas, entonces yo sé cuáles son tus puntos débiles. Aquí voy a ayudarte si me das una oportunidad. Ya nos vemos en la clase!! :)
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  • 🔝 Premium DELE Teacher🔥
    Who am I? Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuel Rubí from México,✅ I’m a native ELE certified Spanish professor with over 4 years of experience.✅ In my career I have 📈 helped over 200 students 📈 around the world to achieve their ✅ goals ✅and become capable and confident Spanish speakers. 😁
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  • Creative Classes - 50% OFF
    🥇 AAA Certified Spanish teacher🇪🇸🇻🇪 🥇 Test preparation (DELE) 🥇 BA Degree in Modern Languages 🥇 2+ years of online teaching experience 🥇 Custom study plans made for you 🥇 Fun lessons and Fast results 🥇Direct Spanish-English translation
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  • 🗺️5 años de experiencia
    🌟Aprendé Español con Noe 🌟Nativa de Taiwán🇹🇼Vivo hace más de 25 años en la Argentina🇦🇷 Hablo perfectamente Español y Chino 🙋🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🏫Clase personalizada en los diferentes niveles:básico,intermedio y avanzado para niños y adultos ✨Verás tus propios avances en cada clase ✨Contactame y empecemos!👇🏻
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  • 🇹🇼 DELE | 5+ years
    ✅ A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 ✅ 5 years experience ✅ Native speaker ✅ DELE teacher ✅ Taught in China FROM 0 TO A1 IN JUST FIFTEEN HOURS! 📈 All materials included 📈 Learn having fun, no more excuses! ❤️Personalized class ❤️ Patient and engaging ❤️Material included
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  • 💜💜💜Get your goal!
    💜 Follow the natural way to learn Spanish 🇲🇽 💜 Focused on teaching speaking Spanish 👣 💜 Fun and relaxed classes 🧠 💜 Great dynamic class activities💪🏼 💜 I am a person who is empathetic, friendly, patient, and I love learning new things.
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  • Certified Native Tutor
    🌟Would you like to learn Spanish without stress? 🌟Would you like to have classes that adapt to your pace, skills and hobbies? ✔️With more than five years of experience I can offer you this and more. ✔️All my classes are customized according to your previous skills and knowledge at any level.
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なぜSpanish for test preparationの個人レッスン、Spanish for test preparationのマンツーマン?

AmazingTalker’s one-on-one Spanish for test preparation tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Spanish for test preparation efficiently and effectively. We have professional Spanish for test preparation tutors for toddlers, small children, older kids, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including tutors for beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish for test preparation language classes.

Our Spanish for test preparation tutoring services can help you to improve in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can also customize your study focus (for example, a business Spanish for test preparation program). Whether your goal is to improve your Spanish for test preparation conversation skills for fun, prepare for a test or speak more fluently at work, AmazingTalker’s Spanish for test preparation tutors are here to help. We also offer DELE and SAT Spanish tutors.

なぜAmazingTalkerのSpanish for test preparationマンツーマンは私に最適?

AmazingTalkerのSpanish for test preparationのマンツーマンレッスンは、子供、初心者、生徒、大人、またはプロのSpanish for test preparation学習者でも、すべてのレベルに合わせる安心で便利なオンラインSpanish for test preparationサービスです。私達の先生は、リスニング、ライティング、リーディング、スピーキング、発音、文法、語彙、またはカスタマイズできるコース(ビジネスSpanish for test preparationプログラムなど)、言語学習についてのことを全面的に助けます。Spanish for test preparationカフェや自宅など好きな場所でレッスンをしたい方、好きな時間に授業を受けたい方、Spanish for test preparation塾などを通さずにプライベートレッスンをしたいという方、Spanish for test preparationでの会話能力を大幅に上達させたい方、AmazingTalkerであなたに合うSpanish for test preparation学習法を選べます!

どのような先生が私のSpanish for test preparationのマンツーマンのレッスンに相応しいか?

どのような先生が自分に合うかわからない場合、私達のAI機能を使っていい先生を勧めてもらえます。3分しかかからず、自分のSpanish for test preparationの先生を探す条件を入力すると、AIアルゴリズムで適切な教師を推薦してくれます。Spanish for test preparationの先生を決めたら、体験レッスンを受けられます。そして、レッスンを始める前に自分の要望を書いて積極的に先生にメッセージを送信しましょう。

Spanish for test preparationの先生の質は大丈夫か?

AmazingTalkerの先生達は、東京のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、大阪のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、福岡のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、札幌のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、名古屋のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、京都のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、浜松のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師、仙台のSpanish for test preparationの家庭教師など、多くの都市に各国のSpanish for test preparation教師がいます。また、DMM英会話、ハロー先生ドットコム、EnjoyLesson、italki、リンゲージなどの有名なオンラインブランドやSpanish for test preparation企業などのプラットホームからのSpanish for test preparationのネイティブ先生もたくさんいます。そして、TOEICコース、IELTSコース、TOEFLコースで有名なSpanish for test preparation塾やSpanish for test preparationスクール、例えばレアジョブ(Rarejob)、AEON(イーオン)、NOVA、シェーン英会話、数十年の経験があるSpanish for test preparationの個人指導を行う塾の教師達もレッスンをしています。また、ECC外語学院、ベルリッツ、日米英語学院などの質が高いSpanish for test preparation教師もいます。これらのSpanish for test preparation教師は、高校のSpanish for test preparation受験、中学のSpanish for test preparation受験、小学校のSpanish for test preparation受験でよく知られています。ほかのSpanish for test preparationスクールから質が高いSpanish for test preparation教師などもレッスンをしています。例えば、ネイティブキャンプ、Bizmates、Hanaso、QQイングリッシュなどです。これらのSpanish for test preparation教師は優れた経歴がありますが、AmazingTalkerは最も厳格な基準によがって審査し、AIアルゴリズムで教師のパフォーマンスを常にフォローしています。日本で経験がある名校のSpanish for test preparation教師や海外にいる優れた外国人のSpanish for test preparation教師が揃っていますので、安心してSpanish for test preparation先生をお選びください。


今だいたいのSpanish for test preparation家庭教師、Spanish for test preparationのネイティブの先生を探すプラットホーム、Hello Sensei、MY先生など、レッスン料以外もシステム利用費などを支払わなければなりません。しかしAmazingTalkerでレッスンをする場合、レッスン料以外の費用がかかりません。システム利用費、入会費など、一切無料です。

Spanish for test preparationレッスン料はどう計算される?

今サイト上のレッスン料はAmazingTalkerが決めておらず、全てはSpanish for test preparation教師自身で設定しています。AIがSpanish for test preparation教師の相場で調整して、生徒は要望に合わせて教師を選べます。今、日本人のSpanish for test preparation教師の時給は約1000ー2000円ぐらいで、外国人のネイティブ教師は約1540ー2560円ぐらいです。自分の条件に合う先生がいれば、まず体験レッスンを試しましょう。


Spanish for test preparation学習ペースはそれぞれ違いますので、要望と目標によって決めるのがが自分に最適な方法です。もし目標を達成するまでに時間が必要な場合、一度パッケージを購入して、毎週のSpanish for test preparationの学習を習慣にしたほうが上達しやすくなります。





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