Immersive learning with the best online French tutors

Immersive learning with the best online French tutors

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  • Conversation - Exams
    🎓 Graduated in Master of Philosophy from the Sorbonne 🎓Teaches French, English and Philosophy, from College to Superior 🥅 I will help you progress in your mastery of French thanks to my experience and an effective and recognized method 🏅
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  • New students: beginners only
    🌸 teach French since more than 6 months, 100% of my students are satisfied and happy of their fast improvement. 🌸 teach students of all levels. From beginner to already fluent. 🌸 always in a good vibe. 🌸 graduate of a master's degree in law.
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  • Conversation / Grammar / TCF
    🎀 More than 3 years in teaching frensh. 🎀 Very good teaching methods: e-books, PPT, Videos, tests.... 🎀 I am a passionate teacher, I love my job and I'm sure that I can give you all the support that you need to improve your skills in prononciation, lestening, readind and writing. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • Kids/Beginner/Conversation
    🔥🔥 25% OFF : AUTUMN SPECIAL OFFER 🔥🔥 2 years experience⭐Nantes University : Chinese Major⭐Kids & Adults ⭐ Passionate teacher French ⭐ Native speaker ⭐ Basics, daily conversation, pronunciation ⭐ Personnalized lessons for you ⭐ Friendly patient and organize ⭐ Use English, French and a little bit of Mandarin to teach ⭐
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  • Speaking
    Hi! :) I graduated from the cinema school ESEC in Paris and I've lived in France for 5 years. I had worked for Cannes Festival, luxury hotel and PR agency in Paris. Here I would love to help you with your speaking skills and prepare you for studying/working in France. xx
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  • FOR ALL LEVEL (Chinese OK)
    👐 Hello, I'm Lionel, a certified 📜French teacher 🔵⚪🔴 (10 y. exp.) Here is my expertise: 👍 BEGINNERS 👍 DELF + DALF (Average 85 point) 👍Become bi or trilingual 👍Succeed your interview or Business 👍 Tutoring for children One to One class or Group class available (= cheaper price). Come and visit my profile 😀
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  • Class A1-A2 /conversational
    * Master 1 Teaching French as a foreign language, Artois University * Bachelor degree in France Jean Moulin Lyon III. * French native * DELF preparation * 4 years experience in teaching French * Any level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 * Adapt the lesson to your needs * Have an important quantity of documents / ressources for the lesson
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  • From Beginner to Intermediate
    Mother tongue : French Taught university students (Listening and Speaking) 1 year + of experience as a cram school teacher Classic french class or Conversation class👥👨‍🏫 Entertaining approach to study French Provides own teaching material💼 Come as you are and let's study le français together !
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  • Children/Beginners/Business
    ⭐️ Native French: Level C2 (CECRL) ⭐️20 years of French lessons ⭐️ 8years at the University in France (Master II in Business) ⭐️Work in French with the United Nations ⭐️Writer, translator (books, reports, documentaries, videos) ⭐️Lived in France and Monaco ⭐️French for: children/teenagers/ adults/business people
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  • Adults|Business|Children
    I am Jeanne and I'm from Taiwan🇹🇼 ☀️Speak Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese💃💃🏻 ☀️More than 7 years of foreign language teaching experiences ☀️I have lived in Europe for two years and know the most authentic terms ☀️Now I am a full-time online French, Italian, and Chinese teacher👩‍🏫👩‍💻
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  • 5 Years+ Experience
    ✅Freelance translator and interpreter ✅Native French and English speaker ✅French for beginners, you should be able to introduce yourself in 2 lessons, reading short passages in 5 lessons ✅Preparation for exams ✅Enhance French speaking and listening skills, phonetic correction ✅ Improve French writing skills
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  • All levels 🇫🇷
    🥖 Mother tongue 👩‍🏫 French teacher for 3 years 👩‍🎓Two master degrees in marketing and management, specialized in Luxury sector 👩‍💻 8 years in Paris working for luxury brands 🌏 Travel enthusiast (more than 40 countries) 🤓 Speaks French, English and Spanish 📌 Mexico
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  • French for DELF/DALF/business
    Salut ! I'm a native french teacher with more than 10 years of experience. I provide French lessons for beginners, Travellers, and DELF/DALF/TEF exam aspirants. :)
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  • Français enfants et adultes!
    Je suis française 🇫🇷 et je donne des cours de français pour tout les niveaux (enfants, étudiants, adultes …) Je propose des cours de français : 🌟 phonétique 🌟 vocabulaire 🌟 conjugaison 🌟 grammaire 🌟 prononciation 🌟 écrit 🌟 les différents types de languages (familier, soutenue, ou professionnel)
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  • Easy French
    🔥 9 years of teaching experience in children and adolescents 📚 Graduated in psychology (specialist in developmental psychology) 😜 I provide personalized courses and teaching materials!
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  • Group Classes only
    [Due to personal reasons, only group classes are enrolled. If you want to have 1-1 lessons, please feel free to pm】 💥A1-A2 READING | Beginners | Travel & Culture 💥 Increased confidence in speaking skills 📍 About Michelle 👉I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, French, & Spanish 👉Teaching French grammar at an institution in Paris
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  • 🍋入門🍋檢定🍋長期學習
    Coucou❤️Ching Ching法文系畢業,專攻法文入門、口說訓練、檢定準備❤️ 至今已成功協助許多A1-B1的學生考取檢定,提供客製化與團體班的課程❤️ 最擅長引導學生循序漸進學習法文,並且從學習中舉一反三!扎實客製化的課程,讓你完課後不僅會建立起開口說話的自信,還會透過團體班交到好朋友❤️ 語言學習需要戰友陪伴,一起加入Ching Ching法語小教室吧 💪
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  • Tourism&Hospitality/Child/TCF
    🇫🇷 Bonjour, I'm Flore! Your native French teacher 🇫🇷 Tailor-made lessons, 100% personalized! 🇫🇷 Interactive, playful & stress-free 🇫🇷 French degree - University Nice Côte d'Azur 🇫🇷 5years + experience in luxury tourism & hospitality 🇫🇷 Connect with me via LINE : floteachingpro
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  • French / English Teacher
    Hello, 👱‍♀️I am Carole from Paris, bilingual French🇫🇷English🇬🇧, speak Thaï. Classes for all ages / levels, 20+yrs teaching experience in France & Asia. Objective: for students to speak with confidence like my former students.🤗😎 French/English, degree holder/certified teacher in France & US🇫🇷🇺🇸
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  • Ask for your FREE TRIAL CLASS
    🐥 KIDS from 5 yo: Games and Fun Lessons 💥 POKEMON BOARDGAME/French Group (6yo to 11yo) 📧 NEW: French Pen Pal for KIDS ⚡ 25 minute lessons ($20) 🎯 DELF 96% success rate 🏅I am a certified native French teacher 📚Provide ALL Teaching Materials and Lesson refreshers are available on my YouTube Channel
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Consejos para escoger profesor de French as a hobby en

¿Los profesores de French as a hobby de Amazing Amazing Talker son para mí?

AmazingTalker’s one-on-one French as a hobby tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn French as a hobby efficiently and effectively. We have professional French as a hobby tutors for toddlers, small children, older kids, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including tutors for beginner, intermediate and advanced French as a hobby language classes.

Our French as a hobby tutoring services can help you to improve in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can also customize your study focus (for example, a business French as a hobby program). Whether your goal is to improve your French as a hobby conversation skills for fun, prepare for a test or speak more fluently at work, AmazingTalker’s French as a hobby tutors are here to help. We also offer DELF and DALF tutors.

¿Profesor local de French as a hobby o profesor nativo en French as a hobby?

Lo más importante es aprender French as a hobby de manera constante y divirtiéndote. Si aún eres principiante en French as a hobby, te recomendamos hacer la clase con un profesor local de French as a hobby, ya que podrás mejorar más rápido. Si tienes un poco más de nivel y ya puedes tener una conversación básica en French as a hobby, te recomendamos tener clases en French as a hobby con profesores nativos porqué te ayudan a mejorar tu vocabulario y fluidez en French as a hobby, y también puedes escoger el acento en French as a hobby que más te guste.

¿Cuál es la mejor manera de aprender French as a hobby en AmazingTalker?

Si tienes necesidades concretas, por ejemplo un precio máximo para aprender French as a hobby, nacionalidad profesor de French as a hobby, quieres una larga experiencia en enseñar French as a hobby, etc. puedes usar el buscador avanzado para encontrar al profesor más apto de manera rápida y eficaz. “Reservar clase de prueba” para empezar la primera clase de French as a hobby.Si no tienes tanto tiempo para buscar al profesor ideal, te podemos ayudar escogiendo un profesor mediante sistema Inteligencia Artificial. El profesor de French as a hobby recomendado te mandará un mensaje y si te gusta, puedes comenzar con la clase de prueba en French as a hobby.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un profesor particular de French as a hobby y una escuela privada de French as a hobby?

Los cursos privados de French as a hobby ofrecidos por AmazingTalker son de enseñanza individual (clases particulares), lo que es muy diferente a un típico curso escolar de French as a hobby de 20-30 alumnos. Nuestros profesores dan al estudiante más oportunidades para practicar French as a hobby oral, y a través de mucha práctica y corrección, para que vosotros los estudiantes os acostumbréis a hablar French as a hobby de manera cotidiana y que os sirva en una situación real.

¿De dónde son nuestros profesores de French as a hobby?

Los profesores de French as a hobby son de muchos países. Usamos métodos estrictos para elegir a los profesores, así que te prometemos que nuestros profesores son realmente buenos. Además, revisamos siempre los comentarios y opiniones de los estudiantes para ver cómo van las clases y hablamos con nuestros tutores nativos y tutores locales constantemente para ver si hay algo por mejorar.

¿Cuánto cuesta una clase de French as a hobby en ?

Los precios de cada profesor de French as a hobby en son determinados por los mismos profesores. Puedes elegir el profesor con el precio que te más convenga y comparar, hay muchos para elegir!

Cuántas clases de French as a hobby necesito comprar?

Es totalmente flexible, lo bueno de AmazingTalker es que no tienes compromiso: puedes comprar 1 clase, 5, 10 o 50. Si compras un bono de más clases te sale un poco más barato, pero puedes comenzar primero con una sola clase, y verás que te encanta!

¿Cómo hago el pago?

Puedes hacerlo con tarjeta de crédito o Paypal. Es un pago totalmente seguro. Únete a los más de 300.000 estudiantes de AmazingTalker y disfruta aprendiendo y conociendo nuevas culturas!

Si todavía tengo preguntas, ¿a quién debo preguntar?

Si tienes preguntas sobre el temario, puedes enviar un mensaje privado directamente al profesor, y te contestará rápido. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta más, envíanos un e-mail y te responderemos lo antes posible. Esperamos que disfrutes aprendiendo tanto como nuestros más de 300.000 estudiantes online!

What if I want to become an online French as a hobby teacher at AmazingTalker?

If you're interested in becoming an online French as a hobby teacher, please visit our "apply to teach" page. At AmazingTalker, you can teach on your own schedule and set your own rates.

What if I have more questions?

Our FAQs section here should have answers to most of your questions. If you can't find answers to your question in the FAQs, you can find more information or contact us by clicking the red question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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