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wrote to小鱼老师⚜️Children's Chinese teaching❤️5 years of teaching experience🔅

2022/07/03 14:40
Teacher is really nice and interacts well with my child. Other then some technical difficulties in the beginning (7 minutes of class was spent trying to connect to zoom - trying to figure out whose side wasn’t connecting properly)

wrote toFei 🔥Practical Fun Chinese ⭐Beginners | HSK⭐Certified Tutor

2022/07/03 12:27
My first trial session was great! Fei was very patient and understanding with me. He let me ask questions and catered the course for my needs. He's very supportive when teaching, and has created a very useful course for daily conversations.

wrote toTen years of Chinese teaching experience - Mrs. Hao 💖 Chinese writing pinyin conversation GAPSK

2022/07/02 16:43
She is a really professional teacher ! She gave me really important tips for preparing HSK and we practice with the real exam questions. It was really helpful. She is the one who offers lessons that I exactly want to learn !

wrote toJamie Daily Chinese/Chinese for kids/Traveling Chinese

2022/07/02 10:57
It’s nice to talk to Jamie again after a long while. She is willing to adapt her lessons according to our needs and interests. I feel comfortable when I practise my Mandarin with her:)

wrote toGabriel✨contact me for FREE trial lesson now✨

2022/06/30 18:04
Teacher Gabriel is an excellent teacher which is able to give a learning roadmap and conversation practices to students for higher education in Chinese. He is a great teacher for any level of chinese learner.

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wrote toTang tang🌞Master of Chinese as a foreign language👩‍🎓5 years teaching experience ✅

2022/06/30 17:23
Today we learned a new set of words related to the date of the week, the month and year. It was quite new for me but the teacher help me with the memorization of them and easy implementation. Looking forward for the next class.

wrote toSonia👣10+ years of teaching experience 👍 blackboard-writing 💎

2022/06/29 14:09
Today, was the review and translations of the last section of the current Lesson. I can understand and notice keywords a lot quicker (translating from pinyin to English). The reverse takes some time but I starting to get the hang of it. Lǎoshī Sonia's confidence in me really encourages me to follow through.

wrote toJason✨ 5-star U.S Ivy League teacher✨Interviewer of Chinese teacher, HSK, TOCFL,

2022/06/28 20:35
Talked about the result of my last TOCFL and checked my goal for learning Chinese. Jason recommend me watching some Youtube Program to improve my listening skill. he also give me a homework which i need to introduce the story from that Youtube to him in the next class.

wrote toJessica 🎀2 years teaching expreience 🎀 FunEasyEffective to learn Chinese

2022/06/28 17:42
I signed up for a trial class for my daughter (10). We are not a Chinese Speaking family and it was a bit overwhelming. My daughter has taken Chinese before but she had no idea what was being said. The teacher recommended to me (the mom) that I do Chinese Books with her (no pinyin) which is hard since I don’t speak Chinese or read Chinese characters. She seemed nice though. Maybe better for a Chinese Speaking family.

wrote toYuny ✨Specializing in pronunciation correction for HK✨GAPSK✨BusinessMandarin

2022/06/28 11:31
Yuny is very patient and the classroom teaching is humorous. There are video and audio materials after class, which can be reviewed at any time, and the classroom content can be reviewed at any time. Students' questions after class and before class can be answered quickly. Yuny is really a dutiful teacher.

wrote toJanelle🍀30% OFF🍀TESOL certified teacher🍀Child, Teenagers and Adult English

2022/06/28 08:12
Janelle is great at responding to conversation on diverse topics. She can deep-dive into my areas of interest and often extends to related sinjects. She is very pleasant to talk to and speak in calm and collected manner. It is a joy to study everyday conversation Mandarin with her.

wrote toAila🔥Many years of teaching experience✨Introductory to advanced level✨Take you to play Chinese

2022/06/27 22:29
Great first session! Aila is super nice and easy to talk to. I had no problem understanding her instructions and always appreciate her feedbacks. Her class makes me super comfortable and eager to study Chinese! Xiexie :)

wrote toMiss Eva /Totally Beginner to Intermediate LEARNER

2022/06/27 15:19
Ms. Eva is a great teacher. She does an excellent job to motivate and encourage my child to speak and write Mandarin. My child really enjoys her class. I highly recommend Ms. Eva!

wrote toLiah🔥👩‍🏫‍🌈 certified Chinese tutor 🔥KIDS & ADULTS🔥🔔AP&HSK Tutoring🏆

2022/06/27 12:09
Liah is great at explaining the Chinese language! I am learning so many things about the language and China. She is very patient and helps me to pronounce the words correctly. Thank you Liah!

wrote toAnny🦄 native speaker of Mandarin✨Provide for the non native Chinese

2022/06/27 11:13
My son really enjoys working with Anny. Her lessons are easy for him to follow and they cover reading and writing. This week was writing. Plus, she makes him read and review what they learn. After the lesson, we have no questions because she

wrote toGabriel✨contact me for FREE trial lesson now✨

2022/06/27 02:46
Today's lesson was a little more difficult for me. Probably because I have a lot less time to study over the next few months. However, reviewing the basics on a regular basis allows me to not lose the basics.

wrote toGood at oral and Pinyin reading 🥇 Children's stories 🍧 Gapsk ❤️ HSK course

2022/06/24 23:57
Mrs lili is relaxed and humorous in class. The children like it very much. Mrs lili is very patient to give him answers when he meets places he doesn't understand. She is a very good teacher.

wrote toSherry - 20 Years Interactive,🏆Experienced Elementary Teacher🏆

2022/06/23 22:55
Teacher Sherry is very professional, kind, encouraging and helpful. I was very nervous because my chinese speaking is just terrible. She gave me useful advices and help me to overcome my stress. I highly recommend Teacher Sherry

wrote toTeacher Mimi 🌸 4/21~5/6 20%off 🌸best professional teaching for children🔥

2022/06/21 23:15
My 6 year old daughter had a great time doing her trial lesson. The teacher read a storybook to her and asked her questions to facilitate communication. My daughter asked for more lessons with her.

wrote to⚡⚡70% off 🔥Sherry✨Native Speaker🚀🚀Pronunciation🎁TOCFL & HSK Test🔥🔥

2022/06/21 08:53
Thank you Sherry for a great class! She was well-prepared and I felt very comfortable in her classroom. I already feel a great improvement in my speaking confidence. You're the best!

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